Torrevilla, the Art of interpreting Wine with Passion

Since May 12th 1907, Torrevilla winery has been writing its story, full of passion for its precious land.

Striving every day, Torrevilla develops what tradition teaches about the care of its vineyards and the conception of its wines.

Patiently listening to and observing its surrounding environment, Torrevilla has been able to identify all the excellent terroirs that nature offers to them, in this generous and fertile strip of ancient Piedmont.

Oltrepò Pavese is a unique and special hilly land, surrounded by the Apennines and caressed by the gentle sea breeze carried by the wind from the East coast.

Along the different landscapes of this incredible land, we have the good fortune to discover an extraordinary heritage rich of countless nuances that day by day Torrevilla tries to express through its wines.

The best sensation a wine can transmit, is the ability to tell us about its own origins. We are therefore proud to embrace emotions, tradition and passion in every bottle we produce, today as we did in the past.

We like to imagine that the person opening one of our bottles, can enjoy the taste and the Art of interpreting Wine with Passion.