Torrevilla today

Torrevilla is a historic winery that in a century has been capable of combining innovation and tradition proposing the most authentic Oltrepò Pavese wine.

Thanks to the longstanding cooperation with the Faculty of Agricultural at the University of Milan, Torrevilla has managed a qualitative growth through the implementation of processes and production lines.

The entire production process is now integrated with new technologies, which guarantee a controlled and high-quality wine.

In every choice or business strategy, Torrevilla proudly follows its sense of belonging and the unbreakable link with its territory through the essential values of quality and honesty that has always characterized the winery’s activities.

A reflection that extends also to future ambitions creating projects through the appreciation of tradition and the continuous search for innovation, to offer the customers the best authentic Oltrepò wine.

Quality, research, passion, respect for tradition and territory with a future-oriented openness, are the rigorous principles that Torrevilla exports today, all over the world, through its Top-Quality wines.