During the harvest, when our selected grapes reach the wineries of Codevilla and Torrazza Coste, the almost alchemical process which is able to transform the grapes into wine begins.

The deep knowledge of soil condition, the precise and continuously updated Oenological techniques, are what ensure the best care during each single step of the wine making process that allow us to obtain the best possible product from each variety of grape.

The winery is also part of the territory and the Terroir and, it is here that careful knowledge of the vine takes shape and substance and transfers all the peculiarity of the Oltrepò Pavese into its bottles of wine.

Over the years, Torrevilla has progressively renewed its production facilities, within the perspective of a constant qualitative growth, to guarantee an increasingly good product not only in terms of flavour and aromas, but also compliant with the strictest production regulations.

The cellar, which is also the place of maturation and is where the classic method awaits disgorgement; where the most structured and full-bodied reds are softened; here the best selection of the exclusive and historic La Genisia line, rests before offering the most authentic Oltrepò wine emotions.