Classic method & Martinotti

Torrevilla has always been a synonym for quality sparkling wines. The particular vocation of the Oltrepò Pavese for the cultivation of Pinot Noir has marked the last century of oenology in Oltrepò Pavese where the authentic passion for bubbles is nowadays strongly rooted.

In Torrevilla, using only local grapes received from our winegrowers, we produce both Traditional and Martinotti/Charmat method of sparkling wines.

The Italian Charmat method developed by Martinotti allows the production of dry and sweet sparkling wines that retain the flavour of the base wine After the first fermentation, the resulting base wine is transferred into sealed tanks where with the addition of yeasts, the residual sugar generates pressure as the carbon dioxide dissolves in the wine.

The Classic method, as its name suggests, has its roots in the ancient history of oenology. After the first fermentation, a mixture of wine, yeast and sugar is added to the base wine. Then the bottles are closed and stacked horizontally in the cellar at a cool constant temperature. The second slow fermentation takes place. After about forty days the yeast autolysis starts and lasts for a minimum of nine months. The bottles are matured in A-framed racks called pupitres. They are turned every day until they are inverted in a vertical position in order to collect the yeast sediment in the crown cap. Once the riddling process is completed, with the disgorgment, the neck of the bottle is freezed to -20°C, the crown cap is removed and the sediment ejects, thanks to the pressure naturally created inside the bottle.

The bottles are then topped with the liquer d’expedition and sealed with a cork in order to be released for retailing.

This is how in Torrevilla we create the most authentic and elegant bubbles of Oltrepò Pavese, like the Cruasè, a 100% Pinot Nero rosè sparkling wine which has become the undisputed leading wine of our region.