Authentic Oltrepo’ Pavese

The unmistakable scent of the vines, the winter frost, the intense summer heat, the rich atmosphere of the harvest: each wine we produce reflects seasons, colours and aromas of our land, the Oltrepò Pavese.

Oltrepò Pavese, “the other side of the Po’ River”, is the southern wedge of Lombardy bordering on Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna. The unmistakable triangular shape of this wine region, which reminds us of a bunch of grapes on a stick, is characterized by hills and mountains that make it ideal for this type of cultivation.

Here in Ancient Piedmont, time seems to have stopped.  Amidst hillsides dotted with medieval villages, towers and castles, surrounded by mountains that protect it from the wind, the vines grow vigorous and healthy, in the ideal atmospheric conditions for the   production of high-quality wines.

The continuity of local traditions, the working of the vineyards and passion for this territory are important factors which have contributed to the creation of an absolutely unique natural and human environment which from harvest to harvest returns to the cellar to give life to the wine.

This same wine which when tasted, offers not only a sensorial experience, but also emotions and sensations of the whole Terroir.  This wine tells the story of  a complex Oltrepò, in which agriculture and rural influences, truth and the simplicity of rural life meet the vicissitudes of the Marquises Malaspina, the Counts Gambarana and the other great noble families; the wine speaks  the illustrious Italian language of Dante, following his stay in this area and this is also reflected in the refined medieval art which is still visible in various churches and abbeys.

Terroir is a French word which however brings to mind the most intimate identity of one winery: Torrevilla, which narrates in each bottle of wine the life of many winemakers, the unquenchable passion for quality, and above all the ability to put into every bottle a world, ours to discover and taste with every sip.