Where it all begins

In Oltrepò, the knowledge accumulated over more than 2.000 years of wine production has grown together with the land; it has grown with the slow changing of the seasons, and in perfect harmony with nature. It has progressively seen the arrival of new agronomic practices and contemporary technologies, not substituting traditions but as a fundamental integration with the knowledge stratified over the centuries, allowing our winemakers to live in perfect harmony with the territory.

The results are seen in the many and diverse vineyards surrounding our cellars of Codevilla and Torrazza Coste, in which autochthonous and international grapes mature. Each grape is a testament to winemakers’ hard work in the vineyards and up to the harvesting: grapes which in synthesis show the peculiarity of the territory and the beauty of Oltrepò which is then transferred into great wines.

The Torrevilla winemakers cultivate an area of about 600 hectares of vineyards on the western border of the Oltrepò Pavese wine region, between Lombardy and Piedmont. Placed in a land between the great plain and the first Apennine mountains where the sea breezes blowing from the not too far off Ligurian Sea, crosses the peaks, reaching the vineyards, each of which has its own soil and climatic characteristics.

Every aspect of each terroir is carefully studied in order to choose the most suitable vine and then adapt the work according to the specific needs of every single plot.

Set among chestnut groves, coppice woods and large areas still governed by nature, the Torrevilla vineyards are located on medium and high hills, in Schizzola, Ardivestra and the Staffora valleys. A total of nine municipalities involved are and they produce about 50,000 quintals of grapes per year: Codevilla, Torrazza Coste, Retorbido, Montebello della Battaglia, Borgo Priolo, Montesegale, Rocca Susella, Godiasco Salice Terme, Mornico Losana.

Each vineyard has a distinctive vocation for a particular variety of vine, but they all share the ideal climate for viticulture with an average annual temperature of 12 ° C and the necessary diurnal range in summertime decisive for the vegetative cycle of the vine which is able, in this way to express the peculiarities that always made the Oltrepò wine an authentic excellence. Rainfall is balanced and concentrated in spring and autumn, guaranteeing the necessary alternation between dry and wet seasons and reducing the risk of diseases and infestation.