Terroir zoning

In order to best express the potential of its area with only the most authentic Oltrepò Pavese in each bottle, Torrevilla has taken advantage of the extensive experience of each winemaker working on a great scientific project in cooperation with the Milan University of Oenology.

This is the Terroir Zoning, now fully operative after several years if surveys, studies and researches which made it possible to trace an even more precise and detailed document of the territory.

Through the zoning, each vineyard has been profiled precisely with the aim of providing farmers with a clear and unambiguous indication about the application of the best cultivation methods to obtain the best grapes.

Thanks to a continuous meteorological monitoring obtained with 4 detection stations placed in strategic locations along the 600 hectares of vineyards, the data gathered in a manual for the winemakers, is continuously updated making vine growing easier and more accurate.

The Terroir Zoning is not a replacement of ancient wisdom, but provides more precise scientific elements for healthy vines and a better quality of grapes used for Torrevilla wines.