The Torrevilla wineries are located in the towns Codevilla and Torrazza Coste, along the enchanting wine region of Oltrepò Pavese dedicated to wine production since Roman times. A territory rich in charm and historic-artistic attractions that interlace with the evocative events of the Malaspina marquises, setting themselves like precious stones in the admirable embroidery of hillside vines.

On these gentle slopes, Torrevilla has a steadily growing production capacity of 600 hectares which is currently expressed through 60,000 quintals of grapes that then produce over 2 and a half million bottles of wine per year.

A company made up of experts and skilled winemakers who carefully grow vineyards on the strength of their centuries-long experience according to a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

A significant heritage of shared culture that has constantly evolved thanks to the growing interest matured towards new technological frontiers.

In the field of Agronomic and Oenological sciences, Torrevilla has established prestigious collaborations such as the one with the Institute of Viticulture of the University of Milan and with the Riccagioia Viticulture and Oenology Centre. Through this important research, their aim is to direct their production towards a more eco-sustainable cultivation, fully respecting the environment.