When we think about cellars, the first thought that springs to mind is a fresh and dark underground space. A silent place where everything looks frozen, but even very slowly, something is always moving, maturing, changing.

In Torrevilla there are two traditional underground cellars where the wines are left to mature in wooden casks. Here the average temperature ranges from 13°C in winter to 18°C during the hottest months of summer.

Several rows of French wooden barrels and small barriques are stacked along the cellars where the wine is evolving and transforming, generating elegant and silky flavours.

The wines which are the most suitable for ageing are Pinot Nero, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvingnon, each of them with different characteristics that we carefully consider for the ageing criteria. We consider the nature of the grape, individual vintages and the final result we wish to obtain before making choices about what type of barrel to use, ageing time, method of blending or which type of toasting to employ.